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LOVE IS IN THE AIR… ISN’T IT? At Plasma Clean we really care about you and the air you breath. We offer our products and

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Plasma Clean Brochure

We are proud to introduce our new business brochure. It introduces Plasma Clean, our products and services after trading for 10 years. The brochure details

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Plasma Clean’s CPD Seminar

We hosted a successful Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Seminar this morning in Stockport. Our Co-founder and Managing Director, Dr David Glover, focuses the seminar on latest

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Indoor Air Quality

Protect people’s health, increase productivity and profit.

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Kitchen Ventilation

Destroy grease and odours, prevent fire.

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Infection Control

Protect people, disinfect surfaces and create a safer, cleaner environment with research-led expertise in infection control.

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Service & Maintenance

Keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

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