Fire Safety.

Remain compliant and reduce the risk of fire with our Fire Damper Testing, Laundry Ductwork Clean and TR19 Grease Management.

Fire Damper Testing

Since 2005 it has been the employers’ reponsibility to maintain their fire safety systems in the building.
Fire dampers or shutters are located in ductwork and activate when a certain temperature is reached to create a barrier between wall and floor to reduce the spread of fire.

Our team of approved fire damper inspection engineers can carry out a survey, inspection and full damper testing to ensure you remain compliant. Fire damper testing is legally required to be carried out annually in accordance to BS9999:2017 and BESA VH001.

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Laundry Ductwork Clean

It is of vital importance that your laundry extract ductwork systems are regularly inspected and cleaned by appropriately trained professionals.

Failure to do so may lead to the build-up of lint and dust in the ductwork system, resulting in a potential fire hazard.

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