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Activated Carbon & Fine Filtration.

plasma-cleanair supply a wide range of passive filters, from activated carbon to fine filtration. They can be used on their own or combined with electrostatic precipitators and UV ozone technology for ozone and odour control.

Activated Carbon Filter

Lighter and less bulky than traditional discarb filters, our activated carbon filters can be used with ozone treatment to remove residual ozone before extraction and oxidise residual odour molecules that become trapped on the activated carbon surface.

This purifies the air to remove odours for a cleaner environment.

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HEPA Filters

High Efficiency Particulate Air filters, or HEPA filters, are designed for the removal of sub-micron particles down to 0.3 microns.

plasma-cleanair HEPA filters are designed specifically for use in high efficiency, high velocity applications and used for smoke removal in kitchen ventilation applications.
HEPA filters are normally placed after panel and bag filters or after an electrostatic precipitator in highly sensitive applications.

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Panel filters

Our Pleated Disposable Panel Filter provides a high level of protection at a low cost. It is suitable for use in general IAQ applications or combined with Bag and HEPA filters for commercial kitchen ventilation.

The panel filter is made using a core of pleated non-hygroscopic and hydrophobic fibrous media designed specifically for use in air filtration. The media is manufactured with a graded fibre density to ensure optimum and even dust retention combined with low initial resistance to maintain higher efficiencies.

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Bag Filters

Our bag filters are fine grade and fully welded, ideal for use within commercial kitchen ventilation and general air quality applications.

They are generally used after a panel filter in commerical kitchen ventilation to remove grease particulate. This combination can be used prior to a HEPA filter or activated carbon.

For low pressure drop grease, smoke and odour control applications, see our ESP-UV range.

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Product Case Studies

Headingly Carnegie, Leeds

The high output ozonating lamps proved ideal for the job. Resulting in complete control of kitchen emissions

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Cobra Restaurants, UK

The control of cooking odours in paramount in this retail / residential area. This sensitive site was located in a shopping precinct, with low-level discharge and offices located above.

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East Riding College, Yorkshire

A consultant-led project for with HMA Ventilation. The college in Beverley, Yorkshire required Odour Control installation within reduced plant space.

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Harpers Fish & Chips, York

The Harpers chain have a well-deserved reputation throughout the UK. Planning permission required this York city site to have suitable Grease and Odour Control in place

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