Everybody needs good neighbours

Meet Phil and Jo. They’ve just moved into a buzzing, cosmopolitan neighbourhood. They’re young, they love a bit of city life and they’ve got everything on their doorstep – bars, restaurants, nightclubs, markets. They’re in heaven.

Even better, Phil and Jo love a late-night Chinese and, as luck would have it, there’s a takeaway right on their doorstep. Bring on the Dim Sum and chicken with chestnuts.

But they’ve not been there long before a few dark clouds drift across the horizon. Not so much dark clouds as pungent smells, and the drifting is all through their open window. Before long, Phil and Jo are keeping their windows closed and not venturing out.

Imagine you’re the owner of the takeaway. Phil and Jo complain to you. They’re good customers and you don’t want to upset them. You google ‘odour control for commercial kitchens’.

What’s happening is that a build-up of grease has coated your ductwork. The result is not only unpleasant on the nose, but it’s also a fire risk.

As an owner of a small commercial kitchen, this could be the death knell for your business. In extreme circumstances, especially when environmental health are involved, you might have to close down. But with the right technology in place, and the trusted solution, you can fix this situation and even get away with fewer duct cleans each year.

However, in smaller commercial kitchens, space, flow rate and budget are limited. For these kitchens, there’s only one UK manufacturer that can offer the right technology and expertise.

That’s us. At Plasma Clean, we’ve developed the ESP Lite and Techniclean Mini as a solution for smaller commercial kitchens.

These compact and cost-neutral solutions have the highest efficiency and the lowest pressure drop on the market. They also have the smallest footprint, so they’re easier to install.

The Techniclean Mini can fit into existing ductwork. Placed close to the kitchen canopy, it combats odours. It also reduces grease build-up in the downstream ductwork.

Use it on its own or in combination with the ESP Lite to control grease, smoke and gaseous odours. It’s a quick and easy fit inside the ductwork and it comes with an interlockong control panel.

Let us install it, apologise to Phil and Jo with a free Szechwan Chilli Chicken and all is good again.

Order the only bespoke grease, smoke and odour control trusted solutions for smaller commercial kitchens. Talk to Plasma Clean today on (0)161 870 2325 or email us at

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Put a Rolls-Royce in your kitchen

A few years back, Rolls-Royce brought together its controls and data-analysis functions to bring new benefits to its jet and ship engines. And here at Plasma Clean, we’ve done a similar thing for commercial kitchens. We’re the first to combine two world-leading technologies into one premium product.

If grease, smoke and odour in your commercial kitchen are causing problems for you and your neighbours, you need our all-in-one solution.

Our combined ESP with UV-C gives you total grease, smoke and odour control in the commercial kitchen.

We’ve ploughed all our expertise in commercial-kitchen issues into one integrated, highly effective solution with small footprint. We’ve made our reputation by being proactive towards customer needs and we’re the only ones offering an all-in-one solution for grease, smoke and odour control.

How does it work? Electrostatic Precipitators or ESPs remove grease and smoke particles from commercial-kitchen extraction systems. ESPs ionise grease and smoke particles as they travel over ionising electrodes.

The particles become electrically charged and then attract to the collector cells. These hold and drop the particles into the drip pan. Plasma Clean ESPs have a large drip pan and can be fitted with a drain.

Meanwhile, the UV-C light can control moderate to very high levels of odour. It’s a unique combination of technologies in one product. It all works overtime to stop grease getting into your kitchen extraction system and dramatically reducing duct clean costs, fire risk and odours by keeping your ductwork grease-free.

Here’s our product range for integrated grease, smoke and odour control:

Volume Flow Rate *Less than 0.9 m3/sUp to 1.4 m3/sUp to 2.1 m3/sUp to 2.8 m3/s
Best SolutionESP Lite + Techniclean Mini for moderate grease, smoke & odourESP UV 5000ESP UV 7500ESP UV 10000
ESP 2500 + Techniclean Mini for high grease, smoke & odour

*What’s volume flow rate? It’s how we categorise the best solutions. Flow rate is the volume of air that passes per unit time. This is generally measured in meters cubed per second (m3/s) and can also be expressed as metre cubed pre hour, litres per second or CFM.

If you’re interested in our ESP with UV-C, we’ll help you every step of the way. Start the conversation today on 0161 870 2325 or email us at

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You LOVE the smell of cooking.

So why do you need odour control in the kitchen? And what’s the best solution?

Every commercial kitchen creates a mixture of grease, odour and smoke that varies according to what you’re cooking. This smell can become a nuisance to your neighbours and the general public. Your local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) can also get involved. And nobody wants that.

But, even worse, grease getting into the kitchen ductwork can become a fire risk. This is why you need effective grease, smoke a odour control.

Happily, technology is your friend,

Here are the best technical solutions for odour control in commercial kitchens:

  • UV-C (in-canopy or in-duct): breaks down odour and low-level grease using photolysis and ozonolysis
  • Ozone injection: releases ozone directly into the kitchen ventilation system
Plasma Clean Ozone injection unit Xtract 2100 releases ozone directly into the ventilation system

Which is right for you?

If you have low-moderate levels of odour, ozone injection is fine. Anything worse needs UV-C technology.

Plasma Clean’s Xtract Range is an easy-to-install ozone injection system. It’s low maintenance and modular, meaning we have the flexibility you need to control all levels of odour.

Here’s what we recommend:

Volume Flow RateUp to 1.5 m3/sUp to 2 m3/sUp to 3 m3/s
Best SolutionXtract 2100Xtract 2100 plusXtract 4200

For volume flow rate of up to 0.9 m3/s, our Techniclean Mini will be perfect. It’s an in-duct product that destroys grease and gaseous odours. It comes with a control panel that interlocks the unit with airflow.

Flow rates less than 0.9 m3/s often don’t have enough suction in the duct to pull air through the ozone injection unit. This can mean the unit doesn’t switch on. It can also result in less ozone output from the unit as the airflow cools the unit down.

However, with our totally modular approach, we can even offer ozone injection for under 0.9 m3/s.

For more details, talk to Plasma Clean today on 0161 870 2325 or

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Come and see us on stand K25 @ the Commercial Kitchen show

Plasma Clean are excited to be exhibiting at the Commercial Kitchen 2019 show!

Come see us on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June at The NEC, Birmingham.

At Plasma Clean we are specialized to design, manufacture and supply high quality commercial kitchen ventilation grease, smoke and odour control.

Our founder, Dr David Glover will be at our stand, K25, together with Adam Johnson, our National Sales Manager, and Emrys Hughes, our Applications Engineer.

You can pre-book appointments with us to maximise your visit. Alternatively, just pop over to say hello!

To pre-arrange a meeting or if you have and questions, please contact us:

+44 (0)161 870 2325

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Now we’ll respond within 24 hours

New Quick Quote service – because time is money

Your life is busy enough. You’re dealing with commercial kitchens that need grease, smoke and odour control fast.

Because you’re busy, if you can share with us five simple things about your commercial kitchen, we’ll respond within 24 hours. That’s the basis of our new Quick Quote service.

Time, as they say, is money. So getting a quick and easy professional quote from us is the first step to controlling smoke, grease or odour in your commercial kitchen.

This fast-response initiative is now a key part of our service. We respect your time, so we’ll get back to you inside 24 hours.

Because we’re specialists in grease, smoke and odour control in commercial kitchens, all you need to tell us are these five things for us to offer you the best solution:

  1. Volume flow rate: the volume of air that passes per unit time. This is generally measured in meters cubed per second (m3/s) and can also be expressed as metre cubed per hour, litres per second or CFM.
  2. Style of cooking / what is being cooked: different types of cuisine produce different levels of grease, odour and smoke. Please choose from 11 main cuisines available on our website (or choose ‘other’ if your cuisine isn’t listed).
  3. Discharge level: the last phase of the extract system. Where the kitchen extraction air is discharged to the atmosphere. Extraction below the tallest building within 20 metres is classed as low-level discharge and above this is high level discharge. At most low-level discharge points odour will likely cause a nuisance unless treated.
  4. Length of ductwork: length from canopy to extraction point.
  5. System drawings and/or photographs: drawings and photos of your kitchen and ductwork will be a big help.

Help us out with these five quick answers and we promise to advise on the best solution, whether that’s kitchen extraction grease removal or complete odour removal in problem areas.

Head on over to our new Quick Quote page, fill in your details and we’ll get right back to you:

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