Indoor Air Quality feature within The Guardian’s Science Podcast

Dr. Lena Ciric is an associate professor in Environmental Engineering at UCL. Here, in this podcast with The Guardian, there are several points she makes which go hand-in-hand with Plasma Clean LTD‘s services and solutions:

• “In any indoor space, I think we need to be aiming for better ventilation and better rates of fresh air being introduced into the space”

• “Introduce fresh air, have the ventilation systems regularly serviced; make sure everything is working as it should be – so as much fresh air is being introduced into these spaces as possible”.

• “We need to start thinking about how we design spaces in a more creative way; thinking about how we improve eco-systems both within and around buildings. We’re moving in the right direction, however – if nothing else – better air quality indoors, in our workspaces, in our schools, in our hospitals can only be a good thing. It’s not just because we’re facing this pandemic, it’s also important from many, many other health impacts.

Plasma Clean offer Nationwide Service & Maintenance / Integrated and standalone Infection Control and Indoor Air Quality products / UVGI / Ozone / Kitchen Ventilation / Smoke and Odour Control to help you in a post-Covid world.

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Plasma Clean • 2020 Overview

In the face of adversity, Plasma Clean LTD continues to deliver an essential range of Infection Control, Commercial Food Solutions, Kitchen Ventilation, WC Solutions and Nationwide Service & Maintenance.

For more information; drop us a line via our Contact Page, LinkedIn, or

• Improves Indoor Air Quality tenfold
• Virus-Free Clean Air 99+% Disinfection Rate
• Available as HVAC or Standalone Solutions

• Prolongs Food Life up to an extra week*
• Eliminates Micro-organisms in Prep areas
• Available as HVAC or Standalone Solutions

• Eliminate Odours Safely & Discreetly
• Tailored Correctly for Individual Rooms
• Range of Colours Available

• Controls & Eliminates Smoke, Grease & Odour
• Complies with DEFRA, TR19 & DW/172 Regulations

• Planned Preventative Maintenance
• Kitchen Ventilation Service & Cleaning
• Ductwork Cleaning
• General Repairs
• Commissioning & Set-Up

• McDonald’s
• Hilton
• Burger King
• Yo! Sushi
• M&S Food
• Tesco
• Giggling Squid

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Food Prep • Re-opening the Hospitality Sector after lockdown

Hello and firstly, well done to everybody out there managing to push on in the face of this adversity. Whilst our social presence has been a touch quieter recently, it has been matched with great progress and development behind the scenes. We have a few projects which we can’t wait to share with you, and we’d also love to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have contacted us with your queries, or opened up about any problems within your respective industries. As a nation; it feels like some progress is being made, but we are still very much in the thick of it. Therefore, now is the perfect time for a poignant reminder: We are still very much in this together.

Plasma Clean has been producing Infection Control, UVGI and Odour Control solutions for the Hospitality, Commercial Kitchen and Food Preparation sectors since 2008. With this in mind, we want to reach out to the industry we were built upon, as it embarks on #reopening over the coming months. Legislation and official guidelines may not have been released yet, but going forwards, it is clear that we shall need to ramp up our Hygiene, Health & Safety, Infection Control and Indoor Air Quality standards.

While this may seem like a daunting prospect, there are some relatively basic steps that can be made to get you started. Whether your business started the year with a heavy footfall, or you haven’t been able to adapt to a takeout service during the pandemic, there is a good chance that grease has been sat in your canopy hoods for some time, thus needing a service as soon as possible. This goes for your Ventilation Ducting too, as it will have likely had grease congealing in there for months. Not only can these nasty substances prevent units from operating correctly, they are also a great fire hazard. From filters to entire HVAC installs, we work alongside M&E and FSCI consultants, M&E contractors, Environmental Health and Planning Officers, as well as you; the end user, offering modular and custom solutions for each environment and ensuring you are covered.

But what about front of house? Well, if you have seen any of our recent video series, you will know that Plasma Clean now offer a number of standalone, or integrated UVGI products. These can be installed into new developments, or retrofitted, to ensure your seating areas / counters / communal areas / lobbies / shared offices are safely disinfected 24/7. Our UVGI range boasts a 99+% kill rate against micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes that pose a threat to human health. Recent studies of coronaviruses, including the SARS coronavirus, have concluded that SARS-CoV-2 / #Covid19, is highly susceptible to ultraviolet inactivation. This conclusion is based on a wide-ranging study on the effect of UVGI on coronaviruses. In short; Plasma Clean UVGI equipment is designed and specified to ensure that UV-C dosages equal or exceed those required for coronavirus treatment. In layman’s terms; our solutions takes the air in your environment, eradicates viruses, then pushes clean, virus-free air back out. 

There is a lot of misinformation out there, so as always, we gladly welcome any questions, queries or conundrums that you may be facing. Our engineers are ready to help get you sorted and on track for a safe reopening of the UK’s thriving, diverse and celebrated hospitality industry.

Until then, please continue to stay safe and let’s push things forward into a post-Covid world.

Warm regards

Plasma Clean LTD

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Ensuring a safe workplace in a post-Covid world

Hello and we hope everyone is safe, well and the mists are starting to clear with regards to getting back into your respective workplaces.

We understand this is still very overwhelming, which can only be heightened by the apparent lack of #direction or clarity in what is needed to ensure workplaces are re-opened safely.

With this in mind, communication and understanding are paramount, as – unfortunately – there will always be those who utilise misinformation as part of their agenda.

Therefore, we invite any questions, queries or conundrums that may be on your mind – and can happily provide our test data (graphic source: “Evaluation of the performance of UV device for the reduction in airborne microorganisms” – prepared for Plasma Clean LTD at The University of Leeds, Feb 2017), case studies and testimonials at request.

For more information as to how we can improve Infection Control, Indoor Air Quality and wellbeing in your workplace, please drop us a line via LinkedIn or online:


“Evaluation of the performance of UV device for the reduction in airborne microorganisms” – prepared for Plasma Clean LTD at The University of Leeds, Feb 2017

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How can Plasma Clean help your business in a post-Covid world?

“In very simple terms; Plasma Clean’s solutions take the air in your environment, kill any microorganisms, and push clean, virus-free air back into the area…”

Plasma Clean’s CEO, Steve Keogh, breaks down what we do, how long we’ve been doing it, and how our Indoor Air Quality / Infection Control / Virus Prevention / UVGI solutions will protect your commercial or domestic environments, during and after the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Plasma Clean’s CEO, Steve Keogh, pictured with not a Lightsaber

We are open to questions, thoughts and challenges. So, if you are facing some overwhelming decisions at the moment – namely preparing your workplace, communal areas, or even homes – to ensure they are as safe as possible, then allow us to create a cleaner, safer environment for you.

For more information, please visit and please be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos.

For now, we wish you all minimal disruption and that you are safe.

Warm regards

Plasma Clean

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