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Live ESP Air Green range product launch

By platform81

Plasma Clean announces the launch of its new electrostatic precipitator (ESP) Air Green range to enhance its range of kitchen ventilation solutions.

Cooking oil fumes are a global issue, with volatilised fats, organic matter and the thermal decomposition of cracking products that are produced during the food cooking process all contributing to pollutants including grease, oil fumes and gaseous volatiles.

As well as smoke, grease and odours, commercial kitchens also have fire risks to deal with to comply with DW/172: Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems and DEFRA guidance on nuisance emissions. Plasma Clean’s latest market-leading solutions are solving this problem with its Air Green kitchen ventilation range.

Twice as effective than other products in the industry, the Air Green Series removes grease, smoke and odour particulates from kitchen extraction systems, keeping commercial kitchens clean, compliant, and reducing the risk of fire.

The new products, ESP AG 3500, ESP AG 7000 and ESP AG 10500, replace Plasma Clean’s previous ESP 2500, ESP 5000 and ESP 7500. With radically improved performance, the Air Green range has the highest efficiency of flow rates by creating both positive and negatively charged particles, and also features an extra depth-collector cell.

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The Air Green range is the perfect complement to other products in Plasma Clean’s ventilation range, including the Techniclean Canopy Mount, which combines high-intensity UVC light with ozone technology to remove cooking smells and Techniclean in-duct units, which keep ductwork virtually grease-free, reducing fire risks.

Steve Keogh, CEO of Plasma Clean, commented: “We’re committed to continuously innovating and evolving our products to deliver the very best for our clients, no matter their size, as demonstrated with our new electrostatic precipitator Air Green range.

“Our cost-effective kitchen ventilation solutions are designed specifically to meet the highest standards in the industry and we’re pleased to be helping businesses to remain compliant with EMAQ and DEFRA guidance on Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.”

For the first look at the new ESP Air Green range, sign up to Plasma Clean’s online event, taking place on 10th February 2022. Secure your free ticket here.

Plasma Clean specialises in grease, odour and smoke control solutions that involve combining plasma ionisation and UV-C technology with traditional air treatment methods to create clearer, safer environments in commercial kitchens.

The firm has supported a host of businesses with kitchen ventilation solutions, including the York site of Harper’s, Brasserie Blanc in London and Paddington station’s Burger King.