Plasma Clean Team

Kitchen Ventilation


Upscale brasserie with classically French menu, devised by Raymond Blanc

Extremely high duct cleaning costs due to a long duct run through a multi-storey building.


Brasserie Blanc operates in 17 locations, stretching from Leeds to Portsmouth. Footfall is high, service is nonstop, and this requires smooth operation from front of house to the kitchen. In this instance, one site featured a remarkably long duct which ran through a multi-storey building. This resulted in an abundance of grease buildup and subsequently, extremely high cleaning costs.


We fitted our high efficiency stainless steel Coil Filters into each of the restaurant’s overhead canopies. Our Coil Filters capture 95% of grease particles from commercial kitchens in the extraction canopies. This drives up productivity by making kitchens healthier and cleaner places to be.


Significant reduction in duct cleaning frequency resulting in cost savings, meaning that the Coil Filters paid for themselves in under 18 months.