Demand Control Ventilation

Eco-air (DCV)

Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) for commercial kitchens offers up to 60% energy savings, improved comfort, and reduced carbon emissions. It’s a sustainable choice for kitchen ventilation, delivering an average installed Return On Investment in 1-2 years.


Save up to 60% energy costs and achieve B corp status with our demand control ventilation system for commercial kitchens.

Eco-air (DCV) optimises the operation of kitchen ventilation systems based on real time cooking activity. By adjusting the fan speed of exhaust and supply air, it ensures that ventilation operates only when needed, significantly reducing energy consumption during periods of low activity.

It does this by monitoring Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels in the kitchen and temperature in the canopy.  It can also be used with optical sensors for smoke & steam detection in the canopy, CO levels for solid fuel protection and gas consumption.

Actively managing the fan speed and ventilation during busy and low periods of cooking activity cuts down energy waste, reduces your carbon footprint and delivers cost savings.

Eco-air also acts as a commercial kitchen gas interlock, complying with BS 6173, providing an interlock between the ventilation and gas solenoid valve.

Upgrade your existing gas interlock by switching to the Eco-air for a combined-intelligent cost saving solution.

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