TR19 Grease & Odour.

Remain compliant and reduce the risk of fire with our TR19 Grease management.

TR19 Canopy & Extract

Remain compliant and reduce the risk of fire with our TR19 Grease management. As an approved member of BESCA, we carry out canopy and extract cleaning services to TR19 specification and provide a full report and certificate on completion.
Our experienced engineers can work on any canopy and extraction system.

Approved by BESCA, our reports provide schematic drawings, before and after images and a certificate to keep you compliant and insurance approved.

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Odour Control

Our odour control services will keep you compliant with DW/172, DEFRA and within the guidelines of EMAQ to keep your kitchen odour under control.

In addition to our own Xtract odour control range, our engineers can service and maintain a variety of other odour control solutions, keeing your neighbours and EHO’s happy.

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ESP Service

As part of your ongoing TR19 grease management, ESP’s play a vital part in capturing large amounts of grease which is why it’s important to keep them running at maximum efficiency.

Regular maintenance is required to keep your grease control equipment running efficiently to reduce the risk of grease build up and fire risk.
We replace cells and filters to ensure your ESP is always running at 100%.

As well as maintaining our own Air Green range of ESP’s, our engineers can service and maintain other brands of ESP’s.

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Commercial Kitchen Clean

Regular deep cleaning of your kitchen is essential for food hygiene and saftey reasons. Build up of food, grease, debris and dust in your kitchen can create a hazardous environment and attract unwanted vermin.

Our commercial kitchen deep clean service will minimise the likelihood of accidents whilst reducing the spread of bacteria which may lead to cross contamination.

Let our engineers prolong the life of your kitchen equipment, maintain your food hygiene rating and keep your kitchen a clean and happy place to work.

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Grease Filters

Grease filters are often the first line of defence when it comes to grease management which is why it’s important they are cleaned regulary to remain effective.
Uncleaned filters can become clogged with flamable grease that will pose a serious fire hazard.

We can also replace any broken filters or provide high efficiency filters to improve your grease control.

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Access Doors

Access is a vital part of meeting TR19 grease guidelines which is why we supply and install access doors. To ensure the maximum area of your ductwork can be cleaned, we install access doors at the relevant intervals to maximise cleaning and keep you insurance approved and compliant.

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