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Grease Control.

Our grease filters offer three times the performance of traditional filters. Whilst traditional baffle type filters only capture 20-40% of kitchen grease, our filters capture up to 95% of grease particles. Our filters are easy to clean and can offer a significant cost reduction by reducing the number of ongoing TR19 standard duct cleans

Coil Filters

Grease Bloc Eco Filters

Baffle Filter

Coil Filters.

Our High Efficiency Coil Filters offer 3 x the performance of traditional baffle style filters and capture up to 95% of your cooking grease at source, before it enters the ductwork.

The Coil Filters can be easily retro fitted into existing commercial kitchen canopies to dramatically improve your grease management.

Our Coil Filters will minimise the build up of grease in the ductwork and reduce the risk of fire. Keeping you compliant with TR19 Grease and your insurance provider.

Coil Filters will reduce your ongoing TR19 Grease maintenance costs by limiting the number of canopy and extract cleans whilst remaining compliant.

Ongoing maintenance costs for Coil Filters is extremely low as they can be cleaned inhouse as part of your kitchen cleaning programme.

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Grease Bloc Eco Filters.

Grease Bloc Eco Filters dramatically reduce TR19 canopy and duct cleaning requirements.

Grease Bloc Eco is a high efficiency primary grease filter which removes up to 98% of grease before it enters the kitchen canopy. It has a low pressure drop and is a simple retrofit solution suitable for all kitchen canopies.

Naturally fire retardant, the 100% wool filters keep the stainless steel baffle filter clean and are easily exchanged by kitchen staff.

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Baffle Filter.

Reduce fire risk and prevent flames travelling past the extract canopy

Our premium range of fire retardant baffle filters are heat, flame and grease proof. UL Approved and certified to UL1046 & ULC-S649-06.

To maximise grease capture efficiency the filters have curved laminated metal vanes with aerodynamic shape.

Simple retrofit, available in varying size to suit a range of canopies. No ongoing maintenance costs. The filters can be cleaned as part of the staff daily cleaning routing and are dishwasher safe.

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Product Case Studies

Burger King, Paddington

Burger chains require high levels of grease, odour and smoke control. The London site, managed by National Rail, developed very high levels of grease, smoke and odour in a public area.

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Cobra Restaurants, UK

The control of cooking odours in paramount in this retail / residential area. This sensitive site was located in a shopping precinct, with low-level discharge and offices located above.

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Brasserie Blanc, London

Upscale brasserie with classically French menu, devised by Raymond Blanc. Extremely high duct cleaning costs due to a long duct run through a multi-storey building.

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Headingly Carnegie, Leeds

The high output ozonating lamps proved ideal for the job. Resulting in complete control of kitchen emissions

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Harpers Fish & Chips, York

The Harpers chain have a well-deserved reputation throughout the UK. Planning permission required this York city site to have suitable Grease and Odour Control in place

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