TR19 Air & Ventilation.

Remain compliant and maintain the highest air quality standards with our TR19 Air management.

TR19 Supply Air

TR19 is a required standard to ensure that the supply air ventilation system including air handling units and ductwork should be cleaned, tested and inspected.
plasma-cleanair can service and maintain your supply air and ventilation by carrying out a full supply air ductwork clean, replacement of panel, Bag and HEPA filters.

Ventilation fans and grilles can also be cleaned to ensure the best indoor air quality is delivered.

Our services also include PVT (Preferred Vacuum Tests) and microbiological testing to ensure your ductwork has been cleaned to the highest standard.

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Duct Seal

Reduce your energy costs and improve indoor air quality with duct seal.

In most ventilation systems over 10 years old, it’s possible that your energy costs and air is escaping from loose joints or cracks in the ductwork.

Our engineers can coat the internal areas of your ductwork and seal all gaps and cracks, in which air and energy can escape. With your ductwork sealed, you can be sure that the energy in your ventilation system is not ‘slipping through the cracks’

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