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Plasma Clean at Food & Drink Business Europe Conference and Exhibition 2018

Plasma Clean are excited to be exhibiting at the Food & Drink Business Europe Conference and Exhibition. This exhibition is the largest gathering of food and drink industry professionals in Ireland. Plasma Clean started in


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Why did we refresh our logo?

Ever wondered what it takes to create a logo? In the world of business, it’s all about creating that “wow” factor and stating something that characterizes the company. Being a symbolic sign, a logo is one of


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Clean Air Day: Reduce kitchen emissions and improve air quality

High emissions and low dispersal causes air pollution. Imagine the levels caused by vehicle exhaust emissions in rush hour traffic.  Today is Clean Air Day 2018. We are all responsible for reducing air pollution. It

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Ozone and UVC Odour Control in Commercial Kitchens

DW/172 Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems was published in January this year. Carbon filtration is ‘increasingly not accepted by Local Authorities as the primary means of odour control’. UVC (and ozone) are now the preferred


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The Plasma Clean Lent Challenge: Grease free for 40 days!

As grease control specialists, here at Plasma Clean, we know that the two requirements for an effective grease control solution in commercial kitchen ventilation are: High efficiency grease capture equipment Regular servicing and cleaning The

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Plasma Clean are delighted to announce the launch of our new online Resources Hub. Access to a wide range of various resources, all relevant to odour control. Our customers can exclusively access a knowledgeable and

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The Gastro Pub Dilemma – How do you keep the neighbours happy?

Gastropubs are popular. In fact, they have been popular for a long time. And the new love of craft ales that’s spread across the country has only enhanced the attraction of the gastropub. Particularly in

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Keeping up with the Guidelines on Grease, Odour and Smoke Control

Nobody Likes a Nuisance The problems of odour, noise and smoke emissions from commercial kitchen ventilation is very common. Nuisance complaints are on the rise, particularly in urban areas where housing may be adjacent to,

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Reduce the risk of fire in commercial kitchens

The new Techniclean canopy mounted UV system is a highly efficient method of removing grease and cooking odours from the kitchen air at source, as well as being an ideal solution on sites where there

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