Grease Control

What do coil filters do ?

By platform81

Coil filters are installed in the kitchen canopy as a direct replacement for baffle type filters. They are designed to remove up to 95% of grease particles, dramatically reducing the amount of grease which gets into the extraction system. This reduces duct cleaning frequency and reduces the maintenance of downstream equipment.

How do coil filters work ?

A: The coils cause air to vortex, and the oil droplets are spun out of the air stream, coalesce on the coils and then collect in the front cup.

What flow rate can a standard coil filter handle ?

A: the CF475 handles 0.34m3/s and the CF375 handles 0.24m3/s

What is the pressure drop across the coil filters ?

A: 200Pa

What maintenance is required for a coil filter ?

A: Oil and grease is collected in the filter cup at the front of the unit, and can be recycled along with the spent oil from the frying range. The stainless steel filter is washed in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. Depending on the level of cooking, the filter can be washed daily or as part of a weekly cleaning routine. Remember that the oil trapped by the Coil Filter would otherwise have found its way into the ductwork, requiring routine duct cleaning.