Grease Control

Optimise Your Plant Layout with Canopy Mount UV for Grease & Odour Control Solutions

By plasma-cleanair

Struggling to find plant space to fit a grease and odour control system? Canopy Mount UV is the answer.

A common problem when it comes to grease and odour control for commercial kitchens is the lack of plant space to install filtration equipment. There is often insufficient height or horizontal duct run to accommodate a suitably sized ESP or fine filtration system, for example.  There is also the issue of dwell time for UV ozone systems with ozone injection requiring a minimum of 2 seconds.

This problem can be solved using Canopy Mount UV.  As its name suggests, it is a UV ozone system which is installed directly into the canopy and designed for the treatment of moderate levels of grease and high levels of odour in commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Given the combined effect of UV and ozone, the dwell time for Canopy Mount and In-Duct UV systems can be as little as 1 second.

For higher levels of grease, Canopy Mount UV combined with high-efficiency grease filters such Coil Filters or Grease Bloc Eco is recommended.  These fit directly into the kitchen canopy and don’t take up any valuable plant space.

Canopy Mount UV can save on TR19 Grease duct cleaning

Canopy Mount UV is an ideal solution for applications where there is limited plant space and given its location, it starts to act on grease and odour early in the ventilation systems which results in a reduction in ongoing TR/19 duct cleaning costs.

Note however that although the system is highly effective for grease management and odour control, helping to keep the downstream ductwork grease-free, it does not affect smoke.

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A Plug and Play Solution

One of the biggest challenges for canopy UV systems is retrofit into existing canopies whilst ensuring UV and ozone safety.

Canopy Mount UV overcomes this with its innovative design making it easy and safe to fit into new canopies and retrofit into existing cooker hoods with minimal canopy modifications.

There are three elements to Plasma Clean Air’s Canopy Mount UV system, these are:

  1. UV lamp frame with integrated light guard which fits easily into the canopy using an innovative mounting plate.  The light guard acts as both a pre-filter, helping to protect the UV lamps from large grease particles and it also blocks UV light, preventing accidental UV exposure;
  2. Ballast box which is normally located on top of the canopy.  This holds the power supplies which drive the UV lamps; and
  3. UV Controls to ensure that the system only switches on with air flow and when the grease filters are installed in the canopy.  This ensures UV and ozone safety as well as energy efficiency as the system will only switch on with the extraction system.  The control panel also incorporates a lamp fault indicator, an hours-run meter and a volt-free signal for the BMS as well as a lamp life indicator option.

How does UV ozone work?

Canopy Mount UV has special high output UVC lamps which emit at 185 nanometers.  This wavelength creates ozone (O3) from oxygen (O2) in the air.  The high intensity UV irradiation attacks grease and odour molecules close to the lamps and the ozone continues to act on cooking fume as it moves through the extraction system.  The result is a clean canopy and downstream ductwork.

Is your canopy suitable for canopy UV?

The optimum temperature for UV lamps is around 30oC up to a maximum of 40oC.  At higher temperatures, the UV ozone output and performance diminishes. If the canopy has supply air which acts to cool the extraction air down, it will be suitable for Canopy Mount UV. 

In line with DW172 Specification For Kitchen Ventilation Systems, it is best practice to have supply air in your kitchen canopy.  If your canopy does not have supply air, the extraction air will likely be too warm which will reduce the efficiency of UV ozone systems.

From our experience over the past 16 years operating in commercial kitchen filtration, all filtration systems whether in-duct UV ozone, ozone injection, activated carbon, electrostatic precipitators or passive filtration work better when there is supply air to cool the extraction air.

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Maintenance and service of canopy UV systems

Overall, UV ozone technology offers an effective and efficient solution for grease and odour control in the kitchen canopy and ductwork, reducing costs of canopy cleans and TR19 duct cleaning.  

There are two elements to the maintenance and service of Canopy Mount UV.

  • Routine cleaning of lamps every 1-3 months depending on the volume and type of cooking.  Grease particles land on the lamp surface where they are oxidised by UV and ozone in a process known as cold combustion.  This creates a fine ash which coats the lamps, reducing their output and performance.  The lamps are cleaned and dried thoroughly to restore performance.

Key Benefits of Canopy UV

With proper installation, operation and maintenance Canopy Mount UV is effective for grease management and odour control in commercial kitchen ventilation systems.  

UV ozone helps prevent grease buildup in the kitchen canopy and ductwork by breaking down organic compounds, including grease particles. This reduces the accumulation of grease deposits and TR19 duct cleaning, minimizing the risk of fire and improving airflow efficiency in the ventilation system.

Ozone reacts with odour-causing compounds, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during cooking, effectively neutralizing unpleasant smells in the extraction air, keeping neighbours happy and complying with EMAQ+ kitchen odour guidance ‘Control of odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust’.

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