Grease Control

Reduce the risk of fire in commercial kitchens

By platform81

The new Techniclean canopy mounted UV system is a highly efficient method of removing grease and cooking odours from the kitchen air at source, as well as being an ideal solution on sites where there is limited plant space. The Techniclean canopy will also reduce the risk of fire in commercial kitchen environments.

The advantages of our canopy mounted UV:

95% grease and odour removal
Flexibility with size of lamp frames and quantity of UV Lamps
Long life UV-C lamps
Low pressure resistance added to the kitchen extract system
Easy system to maintain for the end user

The system is ideal for kitchen canopy manufacturers who can install the system into their canopy design with minimal modifications.

If you are currently working on a project that requires grease, odour and smoke control then our simple Six Steps Specification guide will help you to understand the correct approach.