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The air that we breathe

Wellness is the new ‘green’ Think back to the 1990s and early 2000s. This was the beginning of the revolution in green buildings. Today, there’s

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Clearing the air on UV-O

Sometimes, in business, misconceptions can arise. They don’t help those selecting the correct equipment, and this can lead to operational issues long after the equipment

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Making sense of ESPs

What do ESPs do? ESPs (Electrostatic Precipitators) are designed to remove fine particles from air. These can be dust or smoke, or wet particulates such

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6 steps to fresh air

Looking for fresh smelling air and a DEFRA compliant kitchen? Whether you’re involved in specifying commercial kitchens, installing kitchen equipment, or running a busy restaurant,

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Indoor Air Quality

Protect people’s health, increase productivity and profit.

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Kitchen Ventilation

Destroy grease and odours, prevent fire.

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Infection Control

Protect people, disinfect surfaces and create a safer, cleaner environment with research-led expertise in infection control.

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Service & Maintenance

Keep equipment running at peak efficiency.

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