Indoor Air Quality feature within The Guardian’s Science Podcast

By platform81

Dr. Lena Ciric is an associate professor in Environmental Engineering at UCL. Here, in this podcast with The Guardian, there are several points she makes which go hand-in-hand with Plasma Clean LTD‘s services and solutions:

• “In any indoor space, I think we need to be aiming for better ventilation and better rates of fresh air being introduced into the space”

• “Introduce fresh air, have the ventilation systems regularly serviced; make sure everything is working as it should be – so as much fresh air is being introduced into these spaces as possible”.

• “We need to start thinking about how we design spaces in a more creative way; thinking about how we improve eco-systems both within and around buildings. We’re moving in the right direction, however – if nothing else – better air quality indoors, in our workspaces, in our schools, in our hospitals can only be a good thing. It’s not just because we’re facing this pandemic, it’s also important from many, many other health impacts.

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