Eliminating grease, smoke and odour

Kitchen Ventilation Grease, Smoke and Odour Control

Ventilation systems for commercial kitchens

We help our customers:

  • Save money
  • Reduce duct cleaning costs
  • Prevent fires
  • Resolve odour complaints – why do you need to control odour in a commercial kitchen? >> CLICK HERE
  • Comply with DEFRA, TR19 and DW/172 regulations

It is not always possible to install access panels for duct cleaning every 3m (as per TR19). Plant space can be limited. Let’s prevent the grease getting into the system in the first place.

Working with M&E and FSCI consultants, M&E contractors, Environmental Health and Planning Officers and end users we can offer modular and custom solutions for each environment.

Dr David Glover on the new TR19 Grease specification and how to prevent fire risk in commercial kitchens – CLICK HERE

Grease problems? Odour complaints?

If you are a restaurant/take away owner or an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) – CLICK HERE to know ‘How to control grease and odours in a variety of commercial kitchens


Xtract ozone injection units

The original Plasma Clean product. Compact ozone generator technology. Treats gaseous odours plus grease on the duct surface. Ideal where space is at a premium.

Coil filters

Capturing up to 95% of grease and oil particles.  The first line of defence for kitchen extraction canopies.

Electrostatix Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs)

A low power ESP. Removes 95% of grease and smoke particles from kitchen exhaust air.

Read more about ‘Making sense of ESPs’ – CLICK HERE

Techniclean UV-C

A slim-line in-duct unit that uses UV-C light and ozone to break down odour and grease in the kitchen extraction air.

Combined ESP and UV-C

A small footprint cost-effective unit combining electrostatic precipitation with UV-C light technology for highly efficient removal of grease, odour and smoke.

This is what we call our “Rolls-Royce” equipment. Why? CLICK HERE

Clearing the air on UV-O

It’s time to set the record straight on UV-O in odour control – CLICK HERE for more information

Smaller commercial kitchens? Need our help? No problem!

Read all about how we can help smaller commercial kitchens >> CLICK HERE

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