Washroom and waste odours


Washroom and waste odours

Odour control systems for washrooms and waste storage areas

We use plasma ionisation technology to destroy odours in ambient air.

From washrooms to shopping malls, casinos to laboratory suites and hospital wards to refuse storage areas, Plasma Clean ionisers can help you keep air smelling fresh and hygienically clean.

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Ambion 15 ionisers

Neat and stylish units to keep washrooms smelling fresh.
Covers up to 15m2

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Ambion 25 ionisers

Affordable and effective infection and odour control for larger washrooms and similar spaces.
Covers up to 25m2

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Ambion 100 ionisers

Consistent and reliable infection and odour control for larger areas
Covers up to 100m2

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Odour control for ducted HVAC systems, making air clean-smelling and hygienic

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  • Infection Control Testimonial

    “The Ambion products have proved a huge success in creating a healthier environment in our washrooms”

    Bekir Gurfer,
    Facilities Manager,
    Hakkasan Group restaurants

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