3 Year Warranty Care Plan

By platform81

Over the years, we have seen many equipment and servicing issues within the hospitality industry. When Plasma Clean started as a Kitchen Ventilation company back in 2008, one problem we saw – and still see – a lot of, was the significant build up of grease within ductwork. This happens due to a variety of reasons, and given that the Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted a couple of them, we wanted to raise the issue.

Most commonly, we found that when an established had been closed for some significant time (renovation work, sale of business, flooding), if the initial proprietor hadn’t been keeping on top of a thorough maintenance regime, or had cut corners with cheap filtration equipment, this could and would lead to huge grease build ups.

One of the main reasons Plasma Clean are dedicated to keeping extraction areas clean is safety. The risks connected to these build ups are serious; staff sickness, if there is a growing number of harmful microorganisms, and more dramatically; fire. We have seen entire restaurants floored, simply due to a lack of care when it comes to kitchen equipment and servicing.

Now, as we are relatively settled into the UK’s second national lockdown, we are seeing patterns arise where businesses, who have been forced to close, are subsequently experiencing issues. We deeply encourage traders within the hospitality and commercial food sectors to use this time to repair, service or upgrade their Kitchen Ventilation equipment. Ideally, there should be no excuse to allow residue build up within canopy hoods or ventilation ducting. Not only are they a health and fire hazard, but these nasty substances can prevent units from operating correctly full stop.

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted that we simply don’t know what lies around the corner, especially when it comes to how and when certain sectors can operate. However, it is clear that the businesses who were prepared and had – or who were able to have – mitigation policies in place, were back on their feet in no time. Therefore, we want to reach out to the hospitality industry we were built upon, and let you know that we are ready to ensure you are ready for business.

Plasma Clean offer nationwide maintenance for the necessary cleaning of all Kitchen Ventilation systems and all ductwork to TR19 standard. Our schedulers are booking in work ahead of the future relaxing of lockdown measures for commercial buildings and all aspects of the food industry.

Our industry-leading 3 Year Warranty Care Plan is here to give you complete peace of mind. To ensure that you’re ready for the re-opening of the world (the light is on the horizon, and there is a lot of celebrating to do!) and to ensure that you’re ready should we encounter any more unprecedented times ahead.

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