We offer site survey visits to help select the best and most affordable solution for your needs.


Commissioning is a Solution specific visit from a professionally trained, Plasma Clean Engineer. We inspect all solution equipment to ensure it has been delivered, installed and interlocked correctly and to specification.

* Our Commissioning Visit checks that the equipment is interlocked for safety, energy efficiency and correct operation with the ventilation fan.

* All our electrical solutions must be interlocked with the extract fan.

* The power supply should be located within 1m of the equipment.

* To maintain specified efficiency, it is important to ensure the total air volume is uniformly distributed across the entire face area of the unit.

* The transformation pieces must be correctly sized and fitted to ensure optimum performance.

* The Solutions should be installed to allow the appropriate maintenance such as lamp and filter changes to occur.

We clarify any deviations in air flow, velocity or install that may impact the efficiency or future maintenance of the solution and highlight all required adjustments.

We provide commissioning reports/certification, to be signed off by both our engineers and end user.

Commissioning is offered for all solution installations throughout the UK.

Upon completion of our commissioning visit, our Maintenance Plan Plus package will be offered which includes a market leading 5-year warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

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We’re so confident in our products that we offer a two-year parts only warranty when you take out our service plan. Extended warranties are also available.

Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans are offered with all equipment and solutions.

Preserving equipment and solution efficiency is only possible through regular professional maintenance.  

For all customer service and maintenance questions or enquiries please contact us via:, +44 (0)161 870 2325

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

All brands of equipment require maintenance; therefore, we offer PPM (planned preventative maintenance) throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on the quality of not only our equipment but the level of maintenance offered, no matter the brand.

For further information contact:, +44 (0)161 870 2325

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