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Providing you with the equipment is fine. But it has to be maintained at peak efficiency through regular, professional maintenance from trained service engineers.

As certain sectors ride the ongoing waves created by the Coronavirus pandemic, one thing that has been abundantly clear is the absolute necessity for companies to stay on top of their mitigation, in order to move forwards.

Plasma Clean offer a 3 Year Warranty care plan on all installed products and relatable parts. But that’s not all.

Here’s what we offer.

Commissioning and Servicing

We make sure our equipment is installed correctly and works to full capacity. To validate your warranty, all of our products should be commissioned by a Plasma Clean engineer. Our installation expertise is your peace of mind.

Here’s what we check for on a commissioning visit:

  • That the equipment is interlocked for safety, energy-efficiency and correct operation with the ventilation fan
  • That products are interlocked with the extract fan
  • That the power supply is within 1m of the equipment
  • Uniform distribution of total air volume across the unit
  • Correct-sized transformation pieces to ensure optimum performance
  • Installation that allows maintenance, such as lamp and filter changes.

Duct cleaning (TR19)

Our duct-cleaning maintenance programme controls grease and fire risk, and our TR19 inspection service is nationwide.
Why TR19? That’s a standard defined by BESA in 1988. It standardises duct and kitchen extract cleaning systems within the insurance and building-engineering sectors.
It’s a comprehensive standard that details access mechanisms to ductwork, inspection mechanisms, cleaning processes and post-cleaning verification methods.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

Nobody wants broken equipment and expensive callout charges. That’s why, whatever your equipment, it needs maintenance to keep it running at optimum efficiency. We offer PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) throughout the UK.

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