Maximising Savings With Effective Equipment Service and Maintenance Plans

By plasma-cleanair

In the realm of commercial kitchens and building services, ensuring equipment reliability and maintaining compliance go hand in hand with managing costs. At Plasma Clean Air, we understand the delicate balance between safeguarding your establishment, reducing fire risk, and optimising your budget. Here’s how you can save money on equipment service through Planned Preventative Maintenance whilst ensuring it continues to operate at the highest performance.

The Importance of Regular Planned Maintenance

Let’s be honest, the ‘fit and forget’ mentality happens in building services a little too often.  But imagine if you treated your car like you do your building services equipment – neglecting routine maintenance could lead to costly breakdowns, potential hazards and significantly higher costs in the long term.

Grease and odour control equipment, essential for fire prevention and maintaining air quality, requires periodic servicing to remain effective. Without proper maintenance, equipment performance declines, leading to increased fire risks and potential compliance issues.

Comprehensive Services for Cost Efficiency

Plasma Clean Air stands out in the industry by offering a comprehensive range of services that few can match. While focusing on cleaning your commercial kitchen, we seamlessly integrate servicing for your grease management and odour control equipment. This consolidation of services not only saves you time but also reduces overhead costs associated with multiple service providers and unnecessary visits.

Tailored Solutions for Maximum Savings

To achieve optimal cost savings, it’s essential to assess your current expenditure on service and maintenance. By consolidating services under one provider, you eliminate redundant travel costs and streamline the deployment of service engineers. Our team at Plasma Clean Air offers tailored solutions to fit your specific needs, from TR19 grease cleaning to fire damper testing, ensuring every aspect of your equipment is properly maintained.

And it doesn’t stop there.  Following an assessment of your facilities, we can introduce you to retro-fit solutions that are designed to reduce running costs as well as reducing maintenance frequency and disruption.

These products include Grease Bloc Eco, designed to stop grease at the canopy, reducing fire risk and the frequency of TR19 cleaning.   There is also Eco-air, a retrofit demand control ventilation solution for commercial kitchens which offers up to 60% energy savings, improved comfort, and reduced carbon emissions.

Both of these solutions are a sustainable choice for commercial kitchens, delivering an average installed Return On Investment in 1-2 years.

Commercial Kitchen Services Offered by Plasma Clean Air

Investing in Long-Term Savings With Regular Maintenance

By prioritising regular Planned Preventative Maintenance and consolidating services, you not only ensure the safety and compliance of your establishment but also unlock significant cost savings by reducing your energy usage and carbon footprint. Plasma Clean Air is committed to helping you achieve both objectives seamlessly.

Get in touch with one of our experts today for a no-obligation review of your service and maintenance needs and let us help you maximize your savings while maintaining the highest performance.