Clearing the air on UV-O

By platform81

Sometimes, in business, misconceptions can arise. They don’t help those selecting the correct equipment, and this can lead to operational issues long after the equipment is specified. So it’s time to set the record straight on UV-O in odour control.

Let’s start with the basics. In odour control, you’ve got two main technologies:

  • In-duct UV-C
  • Ozone injection.

In-duct UV-C

In-duct UV-C works great for high levels of odour and grease. It produces both UV-C light and ozone. Our market-leading Techniclean range comes with:

  • Low pressure drop
  • Premium power supplies
  • High-output lamps
  • Bespoke design to protect the ballast box from environmental issues such as moisture, temperature and heavy grease loading.

Some other companies either don’t offer in-duct UV-C solutions, or they don’t work as well. That’s prompted them to over-promote ozone injection.

Ozone injection

Ozone injection is relevant if you have a space issue. The term UV-O has come to be associated with ozone injection as a whole, and our Xtract range is an affordable and compact odour-control unit. It’s lightweight and compact, and ideal for retrofit into even the smallest kitchens.

It’s important to point out that, for odour-control issues, ozone injection is not the only option. In-duct UV-C could be a better alternative where levels of odour and grease are high. If in doubt, ask the experts. That’s us.

Our UV-C

Our Techniclean range is a UV-C offering. UV-C produces light energy and ozone that controls grease and odour. When used in the duct, it exploits both light energy and ozone to get maximum benefit. Techniclean benefits from performance, low energy and slimline design.

UV-C can also be used for ozone injection, harnessing the ozone component. This is where the term UV-O comes from.

One last thing to note – whichever system you use, for high grease loading, you’ll always need to protect equipment from grease using high efficiency grease filters such as coil filters or electrostatic precipitator (ESP), or both.

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