Grease & Odour Control

Small footprint, big results

Combining ozone technology and UV-c light, our systems reduce fire risk and keep ductwork virtually grease-free. All in slimline, space-saving designs.

The benefits of our Techniclean ranges

Choose from canopy-mounted UV systems or slimline in-duct units.

Canopy mount

The Techniclean Canopy Mount system breaks down kitchen smells and grease using photolysis and ozonolysis. It combines high-intensity UV-c light with ozone technology to destroy grease and gassy smells. The slimline, small-footprint design means you can get big results no matter how small the kitchen.

Techniclean canopy mount:

  • Is slimline with a small footprint
  • Has a plug-and-play setup
  • Dramatically cuts ductwork cleaning
  • Is cost-effective with limited maintenance
  • Has a lamp-life indicator for safety.

In-duct unit

You can integrate your grease and odour control with the Techniclean 5000 and 7500. Using UV-c and ozone technology, the units keep ductwork virtually grease-free. They reduce risk of fire and grease-free air aids heat recovery.

Techniclean integrated units are a low-cost option that come with very little maintenance.


  • Is slimline with a small footprint
  • Provides a long-lasting lamp
  • Dramatically cuts ductwork cleaning
  • Is cost-effective with limited maintenance
  • Enables heat recovery.

How does it work?

Techniclean uses photolysis and ozonolysis. Photolysis involves UV-c light breaking down grease and odour molecules. Ozonolysis happens when ozone produced from natural oxygen breaks down odour and ductwork grease. The two processes work in combination, eliminating grease and odour problems.

Our modular units can be combined as required. We can also combine UV-c technology with Electrostatix in a single grease, odour and smoke unit (see Combined Electrostatix with UV-c)

Get the full story

Download the Techniclean datasheets today,
with full details for specifiers and installers.

Care and maintenance

  • Replace the pre-filters every few months
  • Clean the lamps regularly
  • Book an annual service
  • Relax, with a 12 month parts warranty
  • Need a planned maintenance contract? Get in touch
  • Also available with our 3 Year Warranty Care Plan

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Hear our founder Dr David Glover talk through the benefits of the Techniclean range.

Techniclean Case Studies

Wellington College, Berkshire

A consultant-led project working with partners HMA Ventilation, at Wellington College; a co-educational day and boarding independent school in the village of Crowthorne, Berkshire,

Headingly Carnegie, Leeds

The Leeds Metropolitan University Training kitchen is situated in the Pavilion of the state-of-the-art Headingly Carnegie Cricket Ground.

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