You LOVE the smell of cooking.

By platform81

So why do you need odour control in the kitchen? And what’s the best solution?

Every commercial kitchen creates a mixture of grease, odour and smoke that varies according to what you’re cooking. This smell can become a nuisance to your neighbours and the general public. Your local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) can also get involved. And nobody wants that.

But, even worse, grease getting into the kitchen ductwork can become a fire risk. This is why you need effective grease, smoke a odour control.

Happily, technology is your friend,

Here are the best technical solutions for odour control in commercial kitchens:

  • UV-C (in-canopy or in-duct): breaks down odour and low-level grease using photolysis and ozonolysis
  • Ozone injection: releases ozone directly into the kitchen ventilation system
Plasma Clean Ozone injection unit Xtract 2100 releases ozone directly into the ventilation system

Which is right for you?

If you have low-moderate levels of odour, ozone injection is fine. Anything worse needs UV-C technology.

Plasma Clean’s Xtract Range is an easy-to-install ozone injection system. It’s low maintenance and modular, meaning we have the flexibility you need to control all levels of odour.

Here’s what we recommend:

Volume Flow RateUp to 1.5 m3/sUp to 2 m3/sUp to 3 m3/s
Best SolutionXtract 2100Xtract 2100 plusXtract 4200

For volume flow rate of up to 0.9 m3/s, our Techniclean Mini will be perfect. It’s an in-duct product that destroys grease and gaseous odours. It comes with a control panel that interlocks the unit with airflow.

Flow rates less than 0.9 m3/s often don’t have enough suction in the duct to pull air through the ozone injection unit. This can mean the unit doesn’t switch on. It can also result in less ozone output from the unit as the airflow cools the unit down.

However, with our totally modular approach, we can even offer ozone injection for under 0.9 m3/s.

For more details, talk to Plasma Clean today on 0161 870 2325 or [email protected].