Put a Rolls-Royce in your kitchen

By platform81

A few years back, Rolls-Royce brought together its controls and data-analysis functions to bring new benefits to its jet and ship engines. And here at Plasma Clean, we’ve done a similar thing for commercial kitchens. We’re the first to combine two world-leading technologies into one premium product.

All in one solution

If grease, smoke and odour in your commercial kitchen are causing problems for you and your neighbours, you need our all-in-one solution.

Our combined ESP with UV-C gives you total grease, smoke and odour control in the commercial kitchen.

We’ve ploughed all our expertise in commercial-kitchen issues into one integrated, highly effective solution with small footprint. We’ve made our reputation by being proactive towards customer needs and we’re the only ones offering an all-in-one solution for grease, smoke and odour control.

How does it work?

Electrostatic Precipitators or ESPs remove grease and smoke particles from commercial-kitchen extraction systems. ESPs ionise grease and smoke particles as they travel over ionising electrodes.

The particles become electrically charged and then attract to the collector cells. These hold and drop the particles into the drip pan. Plasma Clean ESPs have a large drip pan and can be fitted with a drain.

Meanwhile, the UV-C light can control moderate to very high levels of odour. It’s a unique combination of technologies in one product. It all works overtime to stop grease getting into your kitchen extraction system and dramatically reducing duct clean costs, fire risk and odours by keeping your ductwork grease-free.

Trusted solutions

Here’s our product range for integrated grease, smoke and odour control:

Volume Flow Rate *Less than 0.9 m3/sUp to 1.4 m3/sUp to 2.1 m3/sUp to 2.8 m3/s
Best SolutionESP Lite + Techniclean Mini for moderate grease, smoke & odourESP UV 5000ESP UV 7500ESP UV 10000
ESP 2500 + Techniclean Mini for high grease, smoke & odour

*What’s volume flow rate? It’s how we categorise the best solutions. Flow rate is the volume of air that passes per unit time. This is generally measured in meters cubed per second (m3/s) and can also be expressed as metre cubed pre hour, litres per second or CFM.

If you’re interested in our ESP with UV-C, we’ll help you every step of the way. Start the conversation today on 0161 870 2325 or email us at [email protected].