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By platform81

New Quick Quote service – because time is money

Your life is busy enough. You’re dealing with commercial kitchens that need grease, smoke and odour control fast.

Because you’re busy, if you can share with us five simple things about your commercial kitchen, we’ll respond within 24 hours. That’s the basis of our new Quick Quote service.

Time, as they say, is money. So getting a quick and easy professional quote from us is the first step to controlling smoke, grease or odour in your commercial kitchen.

This fast-response initiative is now a key part of our service. We respect your time, so we’ll get back to you inside 24 hours.

Because we’re specialists in grease, smoke and odour control in commercial kitchens, all you need to tell us are these five things for us to offer you the best solution:

  1. Volume flow rate: the volume of air that passes per unit time. This is generally measured in meters cubed per second (m3/s) and can also be expressed as metre cubed per hour, litres per second or CFM.
  2. Style of cooking / what is being cooked: different types of cuisine produce different levels of grease, odour and smoke. Please choose from 11 main cuisines available on our website (or choose ‘other’ if your cuisine isn’t listed).
  3. Discharge level: the last phase of the extract system. Where the kitchen extraction air is discharged to the atmosphere. Extraction below the tallest building within 20 metres is classed as low-level discharge and above this is high level discharge. At most low-level discharge points odour will likely cause a nuisance unless treated.
  4. Length of ductwork: length from canopy to extraction point.
  5. System drawings and/or photographs: drawings and photos of your kitchen and ductwork will be a big help.

Help us out with these five quick answers and we promise to advise on the best solution, whether that’s kitchen extraction grease removal or complete odour removal in problem areas.

Head on over to our new Quick Quote page, fill in your details and we’ll get right back to you: