Want the WC and waste storage air smelling fresh and hygienically clean?

By platform81

What is odour control? How does it work? And what are the trusted solutions?

The simplest way to describe this is if you think about nature.

During a thunderstorm you have high voltage which is created in a cloud. This high voltage needs to get to ground. It builds and builds and eventually the air starts to break down. When the air breaks down a plasma is formed. That plasma is lightning (!) which ionises the air. This is why the air smells so fresh after a thunderstorm.

The best solutions for odour control actually create this natural process. Our Ambion solutions are designed to ionise the air. In washrooms, waste storage areas – any space where there is odour which needs to be controlled.

Ambion in washroom

We have 3 different styles:

  1. Ambion 15 – can handle up to 15m2
  2. Ambion 25 – can handle up to 25m2
  3. Ambion 100 – can handle up to 100m2

Dr David Glover, Plasma Clean’s Founder & Managing Director:

“The reaction from customers who switch to these odour control systems from perfumed systems is initially a significant saving because you don’t have to buy the perfume sprays every month. The ionisers actually destroy that smell and it leaves the air smelling fresh and hygienically clean”.

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Colour options available

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