Indoor Air Quality

'Well' buildings improve people performance

By platform81

Human Resources and Facilities Managers are the custodians of two of the most important drivers of business performance. People and Places. For an organisation to operate most effectively, it’s important that both functions work in partnership.

By committing to building wellness, HR professionals are empowered to play a greater role in the physical workspace design and operations. They have more influence on culture and change management decisions and to align the brand with the employee experience.

By providing a ‘Well’ building, within which good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is essential, employers can improve the way staff behave within it. Whilst providing them with health benefits that come with an enhanced physical environment.

Corporate wellbeing strategies that deliver a healthier and happier workplace environment are becoming increasingly viewed as an integral part of the value proposition to employees.

Along with workplace pensions, holiday allowance, childcare vouchers and flexible working, they’re fast becoming an expectation rather than a perk.

Good IAQ is essential for a building to be ‘well’.

The millennial generation is taking this one step further. They actively choose a better quality of life at work. Including career opportunity, paid time off, forward-thinking culture – over a higher salary.

The demand for well buildings is on the increase.

A recent Europewide study found that 72% of employees either already had or wanted to have a building that promoted wellness. There is a growing understanding, that the environment in which you work has a significant role to play in our overall wellbeing.

IAQ is at the heart of it.

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