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Your fresh-air supply brings in more than fresh air

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Airborne-virus control for the new normal

Wellness is the new green

The environmental revolution in buildings was all about energy-efficiency. But it overlooked human factors. No longer. Wellness in buildings is the new green.

The fresh-air supply in buildings can bring in more than fresh air. Diesel emissions from nearby roads and carbon dioxide sit next to viruses and mould spores that spread through HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning).

The result is up to five times more pollution indoors than outdoors. Exposure to these pollutants can lead to respiratory problems, cancer and eye issues. And indoors is where we spend 90% of our time.

The right HVAC systems are essential for managing air in the workplace. They are the building’s lungs, supplying fresh air and managing temperature and carbon-dioxide levels.

At Plasma Clean, we’re trusted pioneers in indoor-air-quality solutions. We’ve researched the issue since 2008, with clients that include Tesco and McDonald’s. At the heart of everything we do is a belief in creating a happier, healthier, more-productive workforce.

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