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In the era of COVID-19, the need to control airborne and surface infections has never been so great. The coronavirus pandemic has killed and debilitated many thousands of people and wrecked national economies.

The need to keep people working safely is vital. And at Plasma Clean, we have products that can remove COVID-19 from a 160-square-metre room in just 11 minutes. We offer portable and lightweight solutions that provide a 99% disinfection rate of micro-organisms such as bacteria, moulds, spores and a host of viruses.

This means that, when we’re living under controlled conditions; owners of gyms, dental surgeries, offices, hotels and restaurants can quickly and safely disinfect key areas, stay open and keep trading. All thanks to our treatment not only with the surfaces we touch, but the air that we breathe.

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Cost-effective methods for improving air quality in commercial properties

Since the pandemic, there is greater pressure and responsibility for commercial landlords to review the air quality in their properties. Occupants have increased concerns about the air they’re breathing and the risk of airborne transmission of coronavirus.    Here we outline how building owners and commercial landlords can exceed air quality

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