PF-e™ Filter Enhancement System for Outdoor and Return Air

Get More Out of Your Filters and Reduce Ingress of Harmful Particles

PF-e™ Filter Enhancement System for Outdoor and Return Air.

Protect your indoor air from pollutants and fine particles. Opti-Lok boosts your air filter’s performance, capturing even the finest sub-micron particles, for ultimate efficiency.

Indoor duct mounted filter enhancement system with Opti-Lok™ technology.

The GPS Air PF-e is an indoor duct mounting filter enhancement system. The Opti-Lok™ technology improves an air filters ability to capture sub-micron particles, making it more efficient. Its low-profile design allows for mounting on typical outdoor air and return ducts.

The PF-e can enhance your current filters or be paired with GPS Air Opti-Lok filters to achieve optimal very fine particle reduction, with the removal performance of our proprietary MERV 11 filter being equivalent to a standard MERV 13 filter.

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