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How can building managers prepare for the return of office employees?

The pandemic has cost the UK economy over £250 billion, and business leaders are keen to get their operations back to full capacity.


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What infection control measures can schools take?

With many schools closing due to COVID outbreaks, we take a look at infection control and prevention and how effective it is.


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Leeds University report on UVC

On the 2nd February, 2017, Dr Louise Fletcher from the University of Leeds conducted a report on behalf of Plasma Clean; “The Evaluation of the Performance of UV device for the reduction in airborne microorganisms.

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Indoor Air Quality – Infection and Odour Control in small enclosed spaces

Do you want to disinfect air in small enclosed spaces 24 hours a day? Interested in controlling viruses, moulds, fungi and more airborne microbes? Want 99.8% germ kill performance? Do you wish to disinfect air


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How technology is helping engineers move the dial on Indoor Air Quality

The BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) magazine (Issue 15) is a special edition dedicated to health and wellbeing. Plasma Clean have an editorial piece on ‘How technology is helping engineers move the dial on Indoor

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Health effects of indoor air quality – shocking new report and what you should do NOW

According to a major new report from the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and the Royal College of Physicians: Children in the UK spend most of their time indoors. With just 68

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Designing & building with good indoor air quality in mind

Facilities managers are perhaps most affected as the demand for well buildings grows. Whilst previously responsible for delivering building services, facilities managers are increasingly involved in providing environments that demonstrably enhance the working lives of

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International standards driving better indoor air quality

Building wellness is to the current era what green buildings were in the early 1990s. With the introduction of international accreditation standards and the UK Governments’ Clean Air Strategy 2019, addressing building wellness is no

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'Well' buildings improve people performance

Human Resources and Facilities Managers are the custodians of two of the most important drivers of business performance. People and Places. For an organisation to operate most effectively, it’s important that both functions work in

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