Grease Control

The Plasma Clean Lent Challenge: Grease free for 40 days!

By platform81

As grease control specialists, here at Plasma Clean, we know that the two requirements for an effective grease control solution in commercial kitchen ventilation are:

  1. High efficiency grease capture equipment
  2. Regular servicing and cleaning

The type and size of equipment and frequency of servicing and cleaning does depend on the cooking application and volume. Whatever you’re cooking Plasma Clean can help you reduce grease, costs and downtime.

But could we get the similar results for ourselves by reducing our own ‘grease’ intake throughout Lent?

The Challenge:

40 days grease and caffeine free.


As a team we pride ourselves on prompt, personable and positive customer service. Whilst our approachable demeanour is not a chirpiness borne from caffeine addiction, it is true that the Plasma Clean cafetiere sees a lot of action!!

As is traditional at this penitential time of Lent we decided to challenge ourselves. According to The Express last year coffee was one of the top 10 items that Brits ‘give up’ for Lent  ( For 40 days and nights the Plasma Clean team will be deprived of caffeine. Hopefully with us all abstaining there will be no roasted coffee bean aroma to tempt us! It’s an office-wide vice but I’m sure we can do it.

Not content with a 40 day caffeine free challenge we also wanted to use these 40 days to introduce a new habit and possible lifestyle change. We’re excited to see what impact reducing the greasy, fatty foods in our diets will do for us.

The Aim:

Just as controlling and reducing grease in your ductwork can reduce fire risk, reduce downtime and save money HOPEFULLY cutting the fat and oils from our main meals and snacks will improve our health (and waistlines?), give us more energy and perhaps be more cost effective.

We’ve fruit teas, food diaries and coconut oil at the ready!

We will be reporting back on our findings, and sharing our trials and tribulations as we go, wish us luck!

The Plasma Clean Team