Eliminair ecology unit

Eliminair Ecology Unit

For: Complete grease, odour and smoke control in ducted systems

Eliminair is an ‘ecology unit’ that offers a flexible approach to grease, odour and smoke control in kitchen exhaust air. Combining high efficiency filtration with state-of-the-art UV-c and ozone technology, Eliminair banishes grease, odour and smoke leaving kitchen extract air fresh and clean.

Modular approach for optimum performance

Systems combine standard modules from our product range in a configuration designed specifically for the particular kitchen concerned. Plasma Clean ecology units are all engineered to deliver optimum performance at the lowest static pressure. Each individual module has a small footprint, and multiple modules can be located together or separately as space dictates.

The result is a complete and cost-effective air purification solution that ensures kitchens meet DEFRA guidelines, deliver comfortable conditions for staff and customers, and prevent upset neighbours.


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