Eliminate Grease, Odour & Smoke issues in small commercial kitchens

By platform81

If you’re a mechanical and electrical contractor working on small commercial kitchens or if you’re a café, pop-up or food trailer owner, these are your sworn enemies.

Cooking smells and smoke can be a nuisance for nearby residential properties. Build-up of grease can coat the ductwork, fan and even external walls. They can become a fire risk. In extreme circumstances, food outlets might have to be closed down.

With the correct technology in place, you can eliminate grease, smells and smoke completely from kitchen extraction systems. That means you will benefit from fewer duct cleans each year – and stay open!

Trouble is, in smaller commercial kitchens, space, flow rate and budget are limited. And there’s only one UK manufacturer that can provide the right technology and expertise for these kitchens.

That’s us. At Plasma Clean, we’ve developed the ESP Lite and Techniclean Mini as a combined solution for smaller commercial kitchens.

These compact and cost-neutral products have the highest efficiency and the lowest pressure drop on the market. They also have the smallest footprint, so they’re easier to install.

The Techniclean Mini can fit into existing ductwork. Placed close to the kitchen canopy, it combats odours. It also reduces grease build-up in the downstream ductwork.

Use it on its own or in combination with the ESP Lite to destroy grease, smoke and gaseous odours. It’s a quick and easy fit inside the ductwork and it comes with an interlocking control panel. You can even join multiple units together for increased volume or efficiency.

Order the only bespoke grease, odour and smoke control solutions for smaller commercial kitchens. Talk to Plasma Clean today on (0)161 870 2325 or email us at [email protected].