Let’s clear the air - indoor air quality has never been so important

We all have the right to breathe better quality air.

Infection Control

We make it possible for educational institutions, healthcare settings, hospitality and offices to quickly and safely disinfect key areas, remain open and keep moving.

Indoor Air Quality

Take control of your indoor air quality to improve health, wellbeing and productivity. In three steps we can monitor, analyse and optimise your ventilation system to deliver cleaner, fresher air using UVGI cleaning solutions.

Kitchen Ventilation

Our cost-effective solutions reduce grease build-up and clear smoke from the air to remove unwanted smells, prevent fire hazards and offset the need for regular duct cleaning.

Maintenance & Services

Our skilled engineers will keep you supported by ensuring your equipment continues to work at maximum efficiency, including services such as commissioning and planned preventative maintenance nationwide.

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Let us manage the auditing, testing, monitoring and evaluation of your HVAC systems with our indoor air quality and indoor environment quality consultancy.

Improving air quality and providing infection control solutions since 2008

We all have the right to work, socialise and live in a clean, safe environment.

Plasma Clean’s solutions improve indoor air quality, indoor environmental quality and grease, smoke and odour removal.

Our infection control products are tested and certified to exceed a 99% disinfection rate in airborne infection, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.

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The MobiKlean unit from Plasma Clean has had a dramatic positive effect on our practice within days. Fallow time is now down to 15 minutes, and we can then re-enter surgeries with peace of mind. It’s easy to use, to move and to maintain. It gives our team and our patients confidence in a clean environment, and improves productivity at the same time.

Auckland Dental Practice, County Durham, UK

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Plasma Clean, experts in improving indoor air quality and providing infection control solutions, has acquired Fortis Hygiene & Maintenance Services (Fortis HMS) to enhance its services and product offering.


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How can improving indoor air quality cut costs for food manufacturers?

Poor indoor air quality can result in higher air temperatures and more pollutants in the air, resulting in costly food wastage and poor staff wellbeing.

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