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Stop grease getting into your kitchen extract system and dramatically reduce duct clean costs, fire risk and odours.

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Duct cleaning could cost you £1500, a kitchen shutdown and the cost of scaffolding

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You run a busy kitchen. So you’ll know how hard it can be to control grease. It enters the duct and coats it. If it catches fire, your whole ventilation duct can go up. This stops you trading right away. Getting back to business as usual can take months. While you ride an emotional and financial rollercoaster.

Complying with regs is also tough. And you need a yearly inspection, or your insurance is invalid.

So far, so bad. But here’s the good news. Here at Plasma Clean, our unique air-filtration and purification systems can reduce grease and save you thousands on duct cleaning, kitchen shutdowns, and scaffolding hire.

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