Commercial kitchen ventilation

Keep your kitchen safe from grease fires. Our solutions remove grease, smoke and odour to keep your commercial kitchen compliant, clean and reduce the risk of fire

Commercial kitchens that produce large amounts of smoke and grease increase the risk of duct fires and unpleasant odours which can cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Our cost-effective solutions are designed specifically to reduce grease build-up, clear smoke from the air and remove unwanted smells, prevent fire hazards and reduce duct cleaning in commercial kitchens.

All of our kitchen ventilation solutions are compliant with EMAQ and DEFRA Guidance for the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems.

Contact us to find out how we can make a real difference to your kitchen – no matter its size.

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TechniKlean Canopy Mount

The TechniKlean Canopy Mount system combines high-intensity UVC light with ozone technology to destroy grease and remove cooking smells.

It can be fitted in kitchens of all sizes and with a plug and play setup, it’s quick and easy to fit.

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