Odour Control

M&E consultant complete solution for grease, smoke & odour control in commercial kitchen projects

By platform81

We want to make it easier for you to include grease, smoke and odour control at the first stages of your commercial kitchen projects and help you get planning permission.

With 12 years’ experience, we have found that most commercial kitchens will produce moderate to high levels of grease, smoke and odour. For example, some cooking applications will have higher levels of grease, smoke and odour than others or due to site location therefor will require tighter controls.

The basics

There are two main issues when designing a grease, smoke and odour solution for commercial kitchen ventilation:

1. Ensuring that ducting from the canopy to the discharge point is free from grease and oil

2. Ensuring that air emitted from the discharge point is free from odour and smoke

The solution

This total solution, called ‘Eliminair’, has four stages:

This modular and flexible offering can be used in all commercial kitchen projects

Sarah Cooke, Plasma Clean Account Manager: “Eliminair is an efficient ‘standard’ that should be used for controlling kitchen exhaust air. In addition, it meets DEFRA and DW/172 guidelines. With the option to install as one complete packaged unit or alternatively install each section in separate areas should there be an issue with plant space.”

Where the Eliminair is installed in a commercial kitchen

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