Odour Control

Cost effective odour control for small kitchens

By platform81

Cost effective odour control for small kitchens is important and the number of smaller commercial kitchens with a need for grease and odour control is constantly rising. Whether an existing restaurant with odour complaints or a new project, the same issues seem to arise when it comes to installing equipment – limited space, restrictions on noise emissions and the need for low maintenance.

With this in mind, Plasma Clean have devised a simple two-stage solution ideal for smaller applications, designed to remove grease and cooking odours.

Stage 1 – Coil Filters

Coil filters are high efficiency grease filters mounted in the canopy and a direct replacement for standard baffle filters. Click here for the Coil Filter product datasheet.


• Coil filters capture 95% of grease at source vs 20-40% for standard baffle filters

• Easily maintained by kitchen staff

• No ongoing consumables

• Dramatically reduces grease in the duct so reducing fire risk

Stage 2 – Xtract 2100

The Xtract 2100 is a lightweight, compact odour control unit that removes cooking odours using ozone injection. Click here for the Xtract 2100 product datasheet.


• Takes up very little plant space, and easy to retro-fit

• Silent in operation

• Low maintenance

• Unit is mounted outside of the airstream adding no additional static pressure to the system

This simple solution works well for small kitchens, and Plasma Clean have representatives ready and available should you have a project requiring grease and odour control.