Indoor Environmental
Quality Consultancy

Our real time environmental and air quality sensors will monitor against a range of factors affecting indoor and outdoor air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, occupancy and noise pollution in line with PAS 3003.

Get the full picture of your indoor environmental quality including data-led insights to maximise performance based on IAQ parameters such as particulate matter, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, NOx and ozone. Use our intelligent sensors to measure the occupancy and lighting levels of a building.

We’ll also conduct an occupant & visitor survey to find out people’s experiences of the temperature, humidity and lighting levels of your a building.

How to monitor indoor air quality

Real time smart indoor air quality monitoring and data logging to improve working conditions, drive cost savings and optimize energy usage. Get an instant view of indoor air quality through our simple to use software interface.

Occupancy levels

Through monitoring of building occupancy levels against air volume delivered by the air handling unit, you could benefit from ongoing energy savings by implementing an on-demand ventilation strategy. This adaptation to the ventilation system supports industries including retail and hospitality where occupancy can vary greatly throughout the day.

Lighting levels

Ensure that your building’s light levels are balanced. LUX levels need to adapt in line with the ingress of natural light. A reduction in required LUX levels throughout the day could lead to ongoing energy savings.

BS 40102-1

Plasma Clean is part of the sponsorship group for establishing PAS 3003 which has since been fast-tracked into a new British Standard as part of the British Standards Institute (BSI) – BS 40102-1: Health and well-being and indoor environmental quality in buildings. Part 1: Health and well-being in buildings. This is an industry accreditation designed to assess indoor environmental quality across buildings.

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