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Clean Air Day: Reduce kitchen emissions and improve air quality

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High emissions and low dispersal causes air pollution. Imagine the levels caused by vehicle exhaust emissions in rush hour traffic.  Today is Clean Air Day 2018. We are all responsible for reducing air pollution. It is best practice to minimise air pollution of any kind. Plasma Clean can reduce commercial kitchen pollutants and improve indoor air quality in commercial buildings.

Reduce Commercial Kitchen Emissions

Restaurants and other commercial kitchens exhaust the grease, smoke and other contaminants they produce through their ventilation system. According to DW/172 and DEFRA guidelines, pollution control for commercial kitchen ventilation should reduce:

  • particulate matter (grease and smoke particles)
  • cooking odours
  • surplus ozone
  • heat and noise where applicable

Section 24.12 of DW/172 confirms “many Planning Authorities are calling for high-performance odour control systems to be incorporated from the outset”. As a result, pollution control for commercial kitchens is becoming a necessary component of ventilation design.

Plasma Clean offer a range of pollution control systems designed for commercial kitchens.

UVC light and ozone break down grease and odour molecules. This reduces cooking smells and airborne grease in the duct work. We also have high efficiency canopy filters to stop the grease entering the duct work, reducing pollution and duct cleaning costs.

Improve indoor air quality

UVC lamps can improve indoor air quality.  Plasma Clean UV Coil Clean can be fitted into existing or new HVAC systems. Exposing coils to UVC light maintains optimum heat transfer. This maximises energy efficiency.  Furthermore it reduces transmission of airborne contaminants. Improving the indoor air quality in commercial buildings can keep employees healthier.

CAD 2018 Pledge

How can we help?

The support from Local Authorities and Councils for Clean Air Day 2018 is vast. Clean Air Day is asking schools, healthcare professionals and communities for their involvement. In addition, Global Action Plan, the behaviour change charity behind the Clean Air Day campaign, wants businesses to help. Hence, Plasma Clean are raising awareness. We are spreading the message with our social media campaign and promotional offer.

Delivery emissions

Working with our couriers, we are tackling a key contributor to air pollution. We aim to maximise vehicle fill and route density to reduce delivery emissions.  Consequently, we are offering free delivery on all orders placed between 18th and 22nd June 2018*

*Use promotional code ‘CAD2018′ when you place the order.  Please note this applies to goods shipped within UK Mainland only. Finally goods must be dispatched before 30th June 2018.

In conclusion, to place your order or speak to the team regarding any pollution control or air quality applications, please call 0161 870 2325 or email [email protected].

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