Combined Electrostatix with UV-C



Combined Electrostatix with UV-C range

Grease, smoke and odour control solutions

Combining electrostatic precipitation with UV-C light technology results in the highly efficient removal of grease, odour and smoke in a single small footprint unit.

Innovative technology makes our ESP performance up to twice as effective as competitor units, and perfectly-matched power supplies plus 13,000 hour lifespan lamps deliver superior UV-C performance over long periods of time.

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  • Typical Applications

    • Food service ventilation in –
      • Restaurants and takeaways
      • Cafes and fast food bars
      • Pubs and clubs
    • Food production and processing
    • Longer life components mean less waste.
    • Collector plate cleaning takes only tiny quantities of water and power.
  • Benefits


    • Integrated grease, odour and smoke control
    • Highly efficient even at high flow rates
    • Keeps ductwork virtually grease free
    • Reduces the need for regular ductwork cleaning
    • Reduces fire risk
    • Low running costs
    • Small footprint
    • Works with existing fans – low pressure drop
    • Minimal maintenance


    • Low power
    • Temperature control option for energy efficiency
    • Grease free air opens the way to heat recovery
    • No consumable chemicals
    • Recyclable stainless steel and glass construction

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