Electrostatic precipitators

Extra-depth collectors cells mean our electrostatic precipitators (also known as ESPs) are twice as effective at removing grease and smoke particles from extraction systems.

Effective grease control and smoke removal

Grease and smoke particles within your kitchen extraction systems increase the risk of fires and can shorten the lifespan of your kitchen ventilation equipment.

Our grease and smoke control solutions are twice as effective as competitor units at removing grease and smoke particles from commercial kitchen extraction systems.

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Electrostatic Precipitator

Our innovative electrostatic precipitator (ESPs) is specifically designed for kitchen ventilation applications and tested to the strictest standards. This makes our products twice as effective as our competitors’ in removing grease and smoke particles from commercial kitchens.

  • Up to 95% of smoke and grease particles removed
  • High performance
  • Leasing options available
  • Available with our 3 Year Warranty Care Plan


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High efficiency and low-pressure drop

Extra-depth collector cells and robust power supplies providing a high-efficiency unit with low-pressure drop, which cuts energy costs.

  • Large sump and drainage for waste oil collection
  • Stainless steel spiked ionisers have a longer life than wire ionisers
  • An extra depth collector cell for extra efficiency
  • Low-pressure drop – 90Pa per pass, for lower energy costs
  • Robust, consistently high output solid-state power supply
  • Two-year parts warranty

Care & Maintenance

Keeping you supported every step of the way with our care and maintenance packages. Our trusted and certified engineers work nationwide to ensure your equipment keeps working at maximum efficiency. From commissioning, installation and servicing to duct cleaning and planned preventative maintenance, we’ll ensure your equipment works correctly, keeps your buildings operational, reduces operational disruptions and helps reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Plus, we offer a 3 Year Warranty care plan on all our installed products and relatable parts.


Product Information Video

Hear our founder Dr David Glover talk through the benefits of ESP technology.

Product Case Studies

Brasserie Blanc, London

Kitchen Ventilation

Brasserie Blanc, London

Kitchen Ventilation

Headingly Carnegie, Leeds

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