Plasma Clean Team

Kitchen Ventilation


American Diner, serving classic USA eats in Manchester’s Northern Quarter

A busy city centre restaurant with low level extraction near neighbouring properties


This city centre restaurant, in the heart of Manchester’s bustling and metropolitan Northern Quarter, had low level extraction, causing problems for neighbouring properties.


High efficiency Coil Filters were installed in the canopy, capturing 95% of grease particles. Then, our Electrostatix UV was installed into their ductwork, keeping extraction ducts virtually grease-free.


Dramatically reduced the grease build up in the system. From the relatively clean coils on the back of the filter, only a small amount of grease had penetrated through – as promised. The ESP UV system had eradicated most grease, grime and germs you would normally find downstream in the ductwork

“With the Eliminair system installed, there are categorically no odours emitted from the kitchen extraction system”

Rupert Spurgeon, General Manager