Plasma Clean Team

Kitchen Ventilation


The state-of-the-art Pavilion is home to the Leeds Metropolitan University training kitchen

The state-of-the-art centre is in daily use, therefore Grease and Odour Control is highly necessary


The canopy egress point is at the top of the ground, extracting air onto the cricket pavilion so grease and odour were a major concern at installation stage.


Plasma Clean installed its Techniclean UVC system in conjunction with an electrostatic precipitator. The Techniclean unit uses UVC and ozone technology, keeping ductwork virtually grease-free. They reduce risk of fire and grease-free air aids heat recovery.


The high output ozonating lamps proved ideal for the job. Resulting in complete control of kitchen emissions

“The knowledge and expertise that Plasma Clean brought to the project proved invaluable. Since the kitchen has been in full operation there have been no problems with grease or nuisance odour”

– Ryan Street, N.G. Bailey