Plasma Clean Team

Kitchen Ventilation


A consultant-led project for with HMA Ventilation

The college in Beverley, Yorkshire required Odour Control installation within reduced plant space


East Riding College is home to 1600 students, as well as a further 8000 part-time. Despite this, their kitchen facilities were somewhat limited with regards to space. Plasma Clean were tasked with eliminating Grease and Odour Control, whilst working within the original, reduced kitchen space.


Plasma Clean supplied canopy mounted UVC (TechniKlean) units that were incorporated into the canopy. The Techniclean Canopy Mount system breaks down kitchen smells and grease using photolysis and ozonolysis. It combines high-intensity UVC light with ozone technology to destroy grease and gassy smells.


Successful installation with the contractor and our partner, the UVC system continues to treat the kitchen smells.