KFC Franchise


When located in residential areas, or close to offices and in shopping precincts, the control of cooking odours is crucial for the smooth running of any food outlet.


Sensitive site in a shopping precinct with low-level discharge and offices located above. High maintenance costs for existing odour control equipment.


Retrofitted Coil Filters and Xtract 2100 (existing Electorstatic Precipitator and Carbon Filtration)


Dramatic reduction in grease build up and maintenance costs for downstream equipment and zero smells.

The Coil Filters are amazing. Since we have had the Coil Filters installed, we have seen a massive reduction in grease build up in the ductwork and equipment in the kitchen extraction system…this has resulted in reduced maintenance and cleaning costs.’

The Plasma Clean Xtract 2100 is our preferred odour control system, which we have installed across a number of our KFC restaurants… In some of our restaurants we are able to do away with activated carbon altogether as the Xtract 2100 reduces the smells to almost zero levels.’ – KFC Franchise Cobra Restaurants

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