DEFRA Guidance on control of odour and noise from commercial kitchen exhaust

By platform81

DEFRA guidance 2005 provides information on the control of odour and noise from commercial kitchens and details the best practice for the minimisation of odour and noise nuisance from kitchen exhaust systems.

The guide details a wide range of solutions for kitchen grease control, kitchen odour control and kitchen smoke control when selecting commercial kitchen odour control systems. DEFRA Guidance 2005 helps commercial kitchens to avoid complaints about cooking smells, from more traditional particulate filtration and the use of activated carbon, through to electrostatic precipitators and more advanced systems such as in-line UV filtration and ozone injection.

Getting rid of cooking smells and the control of odour from commercial kitchens is an increasing issue for commercial kitchens.

Problems associated with commercial odour control, Kitchen and food odour and noise emissions from commercial kitchen exhausts are very common, particularly in urban areas where housing may be adjacent to or even immediately above catering premises. These premises might include pubs, clubs, restaurants and takeaways that may be open until the early hours of the morning.