Xtract 2100


Xtract 2100

Xtract 2100 – Ozone injection unit

For: Odour and grease control in ducted systems

The Plasma Clean Xtract 2100 ozone generator provides affordable and reliable odour control and grease reduction in a single unit. It’s lightweight and compact, making it an ideal ozone machine for kitchens where space is at a premium.

Our very first product, the Xtract 2100 was the first advanced ozone injection unit designed specifically for commercial kitchens. Making use of natural ozone as an air purifier, it eliminates odours at source. This gives it a huge advantage over competitor units that simply mask smells using a chemical perfume.

Xtract 4200

Based on our best-selling Xtract 2100 series and designed to treat higher volume flow rates in commercial kitchens the Xtract 4200 has an increased capacity of up to 3m3/s. Currently the only ozone injection unit capable of this duty in a single install.

Where space is at a premium, the Xtract 4200 is an ideal solution for combating cooking smells and saving plant space.

How it works

The Xtract 2100 harnesses advanced oxidation technology, generating ozone and injecting it directly into the ventilation canopy or ductwork.

Ozone is a superb disinfectant and odour neutraliser, more powerful than chlorine bleach in combating odour and infection. It immediately starts to act on cooking odours and ductwork grease through the process of ozonolysis.

Treated air then continues on its usual route to the outside. The ozone is consumed during the process and any excess is converted to oxygen.

Find out more: how ozonolysis works »

Care and maintenance

  • Simple on-site replacement of pre-filters (every three – twelve months, depending on usage).
  • Full service typically once a year.
  • Two year parts warranty.
  • Planned maintenance contracts are available – see Support.

To solve heavier grease, odour, and smoke problems, we can combine Xtract 2100 with any or all of the following products:

Coil filters – grease and oil

Electrostatix ESP units – smoke and grease

Techniclean units – odour and grease

Units are modular, and can be combined together as required.

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